XCIPTV Player —Install on Android tv (2023)

PLATINUM IPTV setup on adroid tv box setup xciptv player on adroid tv box

How to install XCIPTV Player on Android TV Box?

Since XCIPTV Player is down on Google Play Store, users can download and install XCIPTV Player in the following ways

  1. First, Download XCIPTV Player APK File by clicking here or typing troypoint.com/xc into your browser.PLATINUM IPTV setup on adroid tv box setup xciptv player on adroid tv box
  2. Go to Settings, choose Security, and enable Unknown Sources.TUTORIAL: Get the best picture quality on our TV with an Android TV-Box or mini PC
  3. Once you turned on the Unknown Source setting, you can start the installation process.XCIPTV PLAYER – Apps on Google Play

How to set up IPTV Subscription in XCIPTV Player?

IMPORTANT: The first time you start XCIPTV, you will be prompted to enter your login information for the IPTV service.

  1. First, you have to get an IPTV subscription from your IPTV provider, if you don’t have you can get one by clicking here.

Enter your IPTV service login credentials (server URL, username, password) and click Login when finished.

Here is an example of the login credentials that we send to our costumers
Username: iptv2023
Password: platinum22
URL+PORT: http://line.ottcdn.net:80/



xc iptv player

xciptv player

Best IPTV provider Subscription – How to get XCIPTV Codes

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How to Renew IPTV Subscription?

IPTV subscriptions are not deducted for no reason. That is, the Service is not autopay. When your IPTV subscription expires, you need to repurchase the

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